David M.S. RodriguesDavid Rodrigues
Research Assistant at The Open University, United Kingdom, UK.
Some of my research interests include: Hypernetworks, Network Science, Social NetworksSynchronization PhenomenaSymmetryCommunity DetectionCellular AutomataEmergence and Stigmergy.

david-hales-chicheley-hallDavid Hales (trouble maker)
Senior Research Fellow at The Open University, UK.
Some of my research interests include: Cooperation theory, Agent-Based Modelling, Group Selection, Dynamic Networks and Peer-to-Peer systems.

Jeff4_smallJeffrey Johnson (founder of the group)
Professor of Complexity Science and Design at the Open University, UK. I have wide research interests including: complex systems, simulation, robotics, hypernetworks, agent-based modelling, non-equilibrium social science and policy applications of complex systems. 

jane-bromleyJane Bromley (director of the group)
Research fellow at the Open University UK. My background is in physics – specifically optics and visual psychophysics. I have carried out research on visual dysfunction and neural networks for human perception tasks. This was followed by a stint in project management (home and industry) then reintegration into research via the Open University’s robotics outreach programme and the EU ASSYST project, a Complex Systems coordination Support Action project. I currently research information extraction and data mining.


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